Shamanic image with beautiful nature and a lake

Shamanic healing

I guide people in shamanic healing to the meeting with their own power, in letting go of the old and in being born again. Rhythm, movement, drama and trance are my tools and I start from our ancient Nordic shamanic tradition which I adapt to human life today.

Shamanic healing mother holds the child's hand that provides power and energy

My foundation is the genuine interpersonal encounter and a strong belief in each person's inherent ability for spontaneity and creativity. It is in the ritual circle, in the encounter with others that we grow, develop and conquer new perspectives on ourselves and life.

The role of the shaman

The Norns - the goddesses of fate Urd, Verdandi and Skuld - shape our lives. They brought me into the role of the shaman and a life I could not have imagined as a young man. Nowadays, fertility, the life force, the circle of the seasons and the forces of nature - the roots of the ancient Nordic vanatron - are the foundation I stand on.

I get strength and knowledge from Vanerna. The habit goddess Freya is my guide and Loki makes sure that I do not solidify in old forms. Mother Earth carries me and in return I honor her, among other things through the seasonal ceremonies and by living as ecologically as I can. In addition, I am the initiator of a religious community and work there through information and opinion formation. My task is to create a web of circles that meet.

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