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Dreams of snakes

The snake as a symbol occurs all over the world, often as a symbol in the cosmogony of different cultures (how the world was created).

Dreams of snakes

Do you usually dream of snakes? Some have dreams of snakes biting while others are just about seeing snakes. Do you remember your dreams and what you did for interpretation?

Why do you dream of snakes?

In many cultures, the serpent is a symbol of the Goddess and of wisdom. Like Mother Earth itself, the snake in most cultures is both constructive and destructive, both rebirth and death, both wisdom and falsehood, thus reflecting our dualistic view.

It often stands for life force, the new life, both as a female life-giver and as a male phallic productive force. In Greek mythology, the serpent is, among other things, a symbol of Hygieia and Asklepios in their aspect as healing deities. Even in many other cultures, the snake symbolizes healing power. It is also a symbol of Hermes, the messenger of the gods and sanctified Athena as wisdom.

On the other hand, the serpent in both Judaism and Christianity is mainly associated with evil and the devil. If you read the Old Testament, you will realize that Judaism as a religion arose during a turning point. The mother goddess with her fertility and vitality must give way to a male heavenly god as the highest. Since the Goddesses and thus the woman had a strong position, it was necessary to transform her position in order to create a patriarchal society.

The serpent was one of the goddesses' strongest attributes. One way to ensure that the god of heaven was allowed to rule alone was to give the serpent a negative meaning. This was of course a conversion process that took place for a very long time, but we can clearly see that it was effective today.

In the West, we generally have a negative attitude towards both the serpent and the female divinity, while other cultures, despite the fact that the position of women in society is not strong, still use the serpent as a symbol of wisdom, vitality and healing. In Christianity, the serpent on the Tree of Life is found as a symbol of Christ, the Savior who brings wisdom and healing, but it is not a symbolism used by today's Christian church, but the serpent is most often associated with Satan "the great dragon ... the ancient serpent, he who is called the Devil and Satan ”(Revelation). Or you put a woman's head on the snake as a symbol of temptation and sin.

Ouroborus, the snake that bites itself in the tail, symbolizes the original unity and the cyclical time - birth, death and rebirth.

As latent energy, Ouroborus has the same symbolism as Kundalini, the serpent that lies coiled in the base chakra. It is awakened through spiritual exercises, such as kundalini meditation and straightened in a canal along the spine. If it is straightened, enlightenment is reached.

Dreaming of snakes can also be about an underlying sex drive. It may be based on your own perception of the snake in your dream. Can someone near you be the snake and reflect your hidden feelings?

Dream interpretation

In shamanic work, ritual objects are used that symbolize various building blocks in the cosmos. Dream interpretation is an interesting part of this. These ritual objects are more than symbols because they are loaded with power and in the ritual they become what they symbolize. The magic wand symbolizes the world player, but when the vault travels on the magic wand, to the other worlds, it is the world player. Likewise, dreams are more than symbolic images we get of the unconscious during sleep. For the shaman, the soul travels freely during sleep and what we call dreams are the soul's experiences in the other worlds. Therefore, dreams are treated with the utmost respect and are often interpreted from a cosmological perspective.

It is quite a given that if you start working with dream interpretation (you analyze your dreams) you increase your knowledge of yourself. Either you work alone, by writing down and reflecting on dreams to try to interpret what the dreams convey, or if you participate in some form of dream group, you gain increased self-insight. Through the dream, our unconscious communicates with our conscious self. The dream comes to us in symbolic images that our conscious self chooses to receive or not. To choose to receive, and work with one's dreams, is to make parts of the unconscious aware. But the fact is that only by starting to study symbols in oneself does one increase the knowledge of oneself and the knowledge of man as a being. Our development, our way of thinking and relating to life is reflected in how we relate to different symbols.

Many symbols, much of our symbolic language is ancient. The circle and the ellipse as a symbol for the woman and the feminine and the line as a symbol for the man and the masculine are images we have used in different ways since time immemorial and which are found in different cultures around the world.

Dream interpretation Snake and Egg

What does dream interpretation with a snake mean? In orphicism (Greek mysticism), the serpent, which winds around an egg, is a symbol of everything that was from the beginning. In other myths, the egg symbolizes the earth and the snake that winds around it symbolizes the circular path of water.

The egg is also a mythical-religious symbol that is found in very many cultures and is naturally associated with various goddesses and Mother Earth. The egg is the undifferentiated female primordial darkness that precedes creation and a symbol of new possibilities, new creation.

The egg, is a symbol of the collective unconscious (the unconscious we have in common with others and that links us humans together) and is the archetype currently activated, and in the long run this will lead to changes in our way of thinking and acting. The female principle is on its way back into our consciousness.

Why do you dream of snakes? Interpret dreams, symbols and our own egg

Does this mean that if I dream of crushed eggs or headless snakes, then my contact with the Goddess or the unconscious is broken? It may be able to do that, but it can still mean something completely different. Jung himself meant that you should learn everything you can about symbols, but when you start working with dream interpretation in analysis, you should forget everything you have learned for each person has their individual relationship to the symbol.

You can never interpret another person's dream based on yourself and your knowledge of symbols. You can never, for anyone else, interpret a tarot card based on yourself and the meaning of the card. If you do, it is yourself you interpret, yourself you explain.

To guide others to increased self-awareness, regardless of whether you are reading tarot cards for a friend or if you are a professional dream therapist, is to support the other to be able to open their own egg. Insight and increased self-awareness can only come from what the reading is about, or the one who has dreamed his dream. This is the basis of all therapeutic work.

We all have our egg, the collective that belongs to everyone, and the individual as to ourselves. We choose, each one, what and how we want to see in our own egg.
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