Shamanic picture with beautiful nature and a lake

Shaman - Life force, healing and self-healing

“Shamanic images add vitality to the self-healing of the soul. That is, in contrast to traditional clinical psychology and psychiatry, they are more anxious to unite and heal than to dissect and understand. They are related to the psychotherapy, which, instead of interpreting, tries to initiate a symbolic process that has its own unpredictable, healing goal. "
When the spirits come back by Janet O. Dallet

Dreams - dance, mask and reality.

Mother Earth Society invites to Frejafest - Valborg ritual. Read more on their website (mother earth).

The light is coming back and three new activities are out

Disa - front ritual, Nature awakens - the light returns and dreams and reality. The articles are exchanged for Changing Woman, Earth, air, fire and water - four forces, four directions and Wizard's guidance.

Peace Prize

Due to the 2011 Peace Prize awarded to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Leymah Gbowee, we publish the article Power, Dominion and Women's Power published last fall. There we take up the Liberian women's struggle as it was portrayed in the film Pray the Devil Back to Hell and urge us to learn from their work.

Nordic shamanism - to explore the origin. The articles are exchanged for goddess Ananke inevitability, compulsion and necessity, Reflection in light and darkness and the literature tip The red tent .

Shamanic healing , guide, activity, sitting out.