Dansmask drömmar - dans, mask och verklighet

When we are reflecting about what we happened to dream during the night we are often astonished or amused, sometimes puzzled or even now or than a bit scared. And often we ask ourselves: Where did that strange scene come from or what might this ridicules picture mean.
Holding that the soul speaks in images and expresses itself in our dreams we warm ourselves up to an open and curious approach and appreciate a dream as a creative piece of material from our inner life. In psychodrama we are able to put these images in motion and let themselves unfold through action and speech. Instead of analyzing them we perform them on the psychodrama stage in the group and with the group. Thus the psychodramatic dreamwork opens to something unknown where unfamiliar meetings take place and nonrelated issues create new relationships. The meaning will reveal itself throughout the psychodramatic performance.
In this seminar the participants are invited to share their dreams in the group, put them on stage and experience new encounters and perspectives in a spontaneous play for which the dream story provides the substance and the frame.
Leader: Hilla Heuel, Cologne, Germany. Hilla Heuel has 25 years of experience of psychodrama. She has her own praxis in Cologne where she works as a psychologist and psychodramatist, both with individual clients and with groups.